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Dec 25 2017
For Teachers - I had the idea for the FSL (French as a Second Language) eBooks when I was working as a Middle/High School French teacher at the American School of Doha in Qatar. I was provided with textbooks which were fantastic in many ways – the vocabulary and grammar activities were helpful tools – but the one thing I always felt I was lacking was reading material for the students. The articles in the textbooks were often a struggle for students to read and comprehend, prompting me to look for primary French books that weren’t ideal either. Resources could be found for French Immersion students, but I couldn’t seem to find reading material for students who were 11 to 15 years old and just beginning to learn French. So I began creating my own FSL eBooks for the students, and found that my classes really enjoyed them. Then I took it one step further and started developing story lines and characters that the students could relate to, and whose journeys they would enjoy following.