Sep 02 2017

What is an Educational Framework?

A framework, what is it, and why all schools need one:

What is a framework? The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines a framework as “an essential supporting structure or a basic system.

At a school, a framework is the most essential supporting educational structure, and when designed correctly, it becomes the foundation upon which everything else is built. A framework is not a copy paste from another school; it is something which is custom designed and tailor made. A framework’s design is the direct representation of a school’s vision, philosophy, values, curriculums, and student needs, as shown in the three samples below:

The Language Framework:

Language Framework

The Transitional Framework:

 Transitional Framework 

The Early Years Framework: 

 Early Years Framework

Implementing a framework can impact your school and its learning environment in the following ways:

a) It creates a cohesive teaching & learning culture.

b) It gives administrators/coordinators a bird’s eye view of all curriculums, spanning the Early Years through High School.

c) It eases collaboration because teachers can see via the framework how educators at a school are connected.

d) The framework may be shared with parents and the community; it provides a concrete visual for parents to understand your school’s vision.

e) When staff are united in a vision student learning is reinforced. Students see how each class they attend relates to their other classes; this consolidation has a great impact on student learning.

f) Staff can come and go, especially at international schools, but the framework will remain a constant as long as administrators’ vision remains the same. Sharing the framework with new staff provides them with an immediate visual of the school’s vision, and a point of reference for how they will fit in their new roles.

g) The framework allows for differentiated planners between the staff: Each department is viewed as a separate entity with different needs, but in the big picture everyone connects, and everyone is moving in a unified direction.

h) A framework at a dual or multiple-language school can link streams and curriculums together.

Can a school afford not to have a framework? I’ll simply ask you this: Can you build your dream home without first constructing and installing the frame that will hold the walls in place? 

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