Other ESL Resources for Teachers

Below are links to some of our favorite websites to help ESL teachers plan amazing lessons. We hope you find the sites useful!

English Teaching Resources

  • Isabel's ESL Site - Offers links to English news, music and cinema sites.
  • Dave's ESL Cafe - Find teaching ideas on how to incorporate music into your ESL classroom.
  • The Internet TESL Journal - Browse a collection of articles and research papers written to help ESL teachers.
  • The Teacher Spot: Educational Resources - Visit a wonderful & unique collection of resources for any teacher. Clip art, software, lessons, classroom management, keypals, links, and more. A special section, including an email list, for beginning teachers.
  • LyricsGaps - Offers a fun method to learn English through music. 
  • ESL Partyland - Provides teachers with a variety of English teaching resources and ideas.
  • iteslj.org - Browse their list of discussion questions for the ESL/EFL classroom. 
  • ESL Library - Offers ready-made resources for English teachers.
  • Idiom Site - Share idioms and their meanings with your students.
  • EnglishGrammar.org. - Provides English grammar lessons and exercises.
  • BrainPOP ESL - An educational resource offering activities, games and animated movies.
  • iSLCollective - A site where ESL teachers post self-made language teaching materials for sharing.
  • Busy Teacher - Find articles on what every English teacher needs to know. 
  • ESLPoint.com - An online resource where teachers can find links to ESL related materials. 
  • BBC Learning English - Offers both the news in English for students and teacher resources.
  • Time for Kids - A site that offers news articles written at an easier reading level as well as teaching ideas.
  • SuperSummary - Provides links to great vocabulary resources from around the web.
  • The Effortless English Blog - Hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts.
  • LearnEnglish Kids - Free online games to help children learn English the fun way.
  • English Grammar Basics - 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.
  • WyzAnt - ESL teachers and tutors can explore educational materials and share with other users.


Tools for English Teachers

  • Discovery Education - ESL teachers can create a variety of different puzzles including word searches, double puzzles and fallen phrases.
  • RubiStar - Allows English teachers to create their own rubrics.
  • ESL Activities.com - Provides templates for ESL teachers to make their own crossword puzzles and BINGO cards.
  • Animoto - Create engaging English learning videos for your students.
  • TEFL.net - Lets teachers design, print and copy their own worksheets.
  • SEN Teacher - Create certificates quickly and easily for your students. 
  • School Clip Art - Has a large selection of clip art images.
  • Testmoz - A free test generator site that supports 4 different types of questions and offers automatic grading. 
  • Instant Classroom - Allows teachers to easily manage their classrooms online. 
  • BigHugeLabs - Create motivational posters for your ESL classroom.
  • glowtxt.com - A site that provides a selection of unique fonts.
  • Education World - Find templates for calendars, newsletters, assessments, award certificates, posters and more.
  • Quia - Create your own English games, or use an existing one from their list of activities.
  • Classroom Clipart - Offers a variety of clipart, clip art pictures and illustrations to choose from.
  • Smore - A site that allows educators to make online flyers. 

Tools for Integrating Technology into Your ESL Classroom

  • MakeBeliefsComix.com - Allows students to create and print their own comic strips in English.
  • Poisson Rouge - A selection of online English games and activities for all levels of learners. 
  • ReadWriteThink Printing Press - Provides templates for making newspapers, flyers, booklets and brochures.
  • Post Crossing - Students can send and receive postcards in English.
  • WebQuest.Org - Learn how to create a WebQuest for your class.
  • Edmodo - Collaborate and share resources with other teachers and students around the world. 
  • Blogger - Start a class blog for your students.
  • ESLvideo.com - Create ESL video quizzes for your students. 
  • ISSofBC - Offers a selection of online English vocabulary activities, quizzes and listening activities.
  • Zondle - Allows teachers to create, share and play games with their students. 
  • JeopardyLabs - Teachers can create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint.
  • BigHugeLabs - Allows students to create their own posters and magazine covers using digital photos.
  • Audacity - Students can record, edit and save oral projects.
  • Photovisi - Allows your students to create collages using photographs. 
  • SlideShare - Provides an easy way for students to share their PowerPoint presentations and videos.
  • Clipgenerator - Students can create videos using photos, graphics and video clips.
  • Wikispaces - Create a class website, or have each student make their own.
  • ePals Curriki - Allows your students to collaborate with other classes around the world.


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