How to Use Our Resources


Browse through our Program Overviews and select the eBook that corresponds to the unit your are teaching.






Determine how often during your unit (once a week, every day) you would like your students to visit the eBook.



Decide which way(s) you would like to present the material to your students during your unit:

  • read the eBook aloud to your students
  • silent independent reading
  • have the students listen to the ebook individually or in groups
  • present the ebook via Smart Board/projection screen and read or listen to the ebook as a class
  • sign out laptops or use the computer lab, and have the students read the ebook individually or in small groups
  • assign the reading for homework



Once you have presented the eBook, decide which learning activities you would like your students to complete. In our Resources section you will find a selection of:

  • Worksheets (vocabulary / grammar)
  • Games / activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • Homework Ideas
  • Projects
  • Assessments ( oral / listening / written / reading)


Literature Circles

You may also choose to run a Literature Circles Lesson in your classroom at the end of your unit. As part of your subscription, you will be able to download a Teacher's Guide that includes:

  • a Literature Circles lesson plan
  • Reading Comprehension questions for each ebook
  • Discussion questions for each ebook
  • Rubrics for evaluating your students
  • Additional homework / activity ideas


View - Literature Circles Presentation

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