Shala Books CVCC & Sight Words eBooks are the final set in the series. Books in this collection combine CVC, Plural CVC, CCVC and CVCC words with sight words, so that young readers can practice reading everything they have learned in our Emergent Readers progression of eBooks. Early readers practice reading two word eBooks in this collection and then progress to whole sentences. Early readers learn about sentence structures, recognizing sight words and understanding where they belong in a sentence; they also learn how to build their own sentences. New readers enjoy clicking on the audio button beside the words to hear them; they can also click on each word to listen to it singly. These eBooks are also printable and viewable as both flip books and flashcards.


CVC, CCVC, CVCC & Sight Words

The CVC, CCVC, CVCC & Sight Words Emergent Readers collection includes the following eBooks:

  • Sight Word - a, he, her, his, I, it, my, one, our, she, the, they, two, we, you, your
  • Sight Words - a big, a long, in the, one pink, on the, the red, two red
  • Sentences - Can, He can, He is a, Here is a, Here is your, I, I am a, I can see the, I like, I like to, I see, I see one, I see two, It can, It is, Look at my, Look at the, She is, That is a, They are, They can, This is a, This is her, This is his, This is our, We like to, You can
  • Mixed Sentences - He is/He is a/He can, He is/She is, Here is my/your/It is, I am/I am a, I am/I like to, I can see a/It is, I like/You like, I see/They are, I see/and/They can, It is a/It is, Look at our/It is, Look at the/It is in the, Look at the/It is on the, She is/She is a/She can, This is his/This is her/It is, This is my/It is
  • Questions - Am I?, Am I a?, Are you?, Can I?, Can it?, Can they?, Do you like?, Do you like to?, Here is a/Is it?, I see/Are they?, Is he a/Is she a?, Is it?, Is it a? Is it in the?/Is it on the?, Is that a?/Is this a?, Is this my?, What am I?, What are we? What is it? What is that?, What is this?, Who are you?, Who is he?/Who is she?, Who is this?

EBooks can be viewed on computers, smartphones, iPads or any other device, making them suitable for both personal and school use!

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