Once early readers have mastered reading our CVC Word series of eBooks they can progress to the CVC & Sight Words Emergent Readers collection, where eBooks progress from 2 words to full sentences. Sight words are words that appear frequently in texts, words like “and, am, see, one, the, it, is, I, he, she, we, my,” and many more. Young readers find it difficult to sound many of these words out, so they have to learn how to recognize them by sight. There are about 100 sight words in the English language, and when children identify them by sight they can read much more fluently and fluidly. Memorizing sight words as a whole, by sight, gives young readers the key to structured reading, making it easier for them to focus on learning how to read other words in a sentence. Beginning readers can comprehend syntax and understand new words more easily and rapidly when they can recognize and identify sight words. Our eBooks display words with an audio button on one page and a picture on the facing page, giving young readers a comprehensive reading experience. The audio button allows young readers to hear the words read together, and they can also click on individual words to hear them read separately. The eBooks can also be viewed as flashcards where the picture follows the word or as flip books with illustrations.

 CVC & Sight Words Emergent Readers

The CVC & Sight Words Emergent Readers collection includes the following eBooks:

  • Sight Word - a, and, I, my, one, the, we
  • Sight Words - a big, a red, a sad, my red, one hot, the big
  • Sentences - He can, He is, I am, I am a, I can, I see, I see a, I see one, I see the, It is, It is a, She can, She is, We can
  • Mixed Sentences - He is/He can, I am/I am a, I am/I can, I see/He is, I see/She is, I see a/It is, I see one/It is, I see the/It is, It is a/It is, She is/She can 

EBooks can be viewed on computers, smartphones, iPads or any other device, making them suitable for both personal and school use! 

Click below to view available titles in the CVC & Sight Words Emergent Readers collection: