French Tips

Help Your Child Learn French Using our Resources

  • Read the selected Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level French ebook with your child. You may read the ebook aloud, or have your child read it to you.
  • Have your child make a list of unknown vocabulary words from the ebook. They can then look these words up using a French dictionary.
  • Ask your child to make a list of all the French verbs, pronouns or adjectives they can find in the ebook.
  • Have your child write a summary of the ebook.
  • Ask your child to answer the questions (orally or written) at the end of each of our Reading Comprehension eBooks.
  • Print out, and have your child complete the worksheets/activities that accompany each of our eBooks from our Resources section.
  • Have your child read the ebook aloud using different tones of voice (happy, sad, angry...).
  • Take turns reading one of our Conversational eBooks with your child. You can play one role, your child the other.
  • Have your child make up their own answers to the questions asked in our Conversational eBooks. For example, if a character asks how much something costs, your child can answer with a different amount than the salesperson gives.
  • Browse our French Resources section for games to play with your child.
  • Have your child create their own word searches or crossword puzzles using vocabulary from the ebook.
  • Ask your child to create their own story (orally or written) based on the pictures in the ebook.

Other Suggestions to Help Your Child Learn French

  • Listen to French radio stations (news programs/music).
  • Watch French TV channels.
  • Have your child watch their favorite DVDs in French. They can either listen to the movies in French, or view the subtitles in French.
  • Arrange a French pen pal for your child so that they may practice their writing skills.
  • Enroll your child in a French summer camp.
  • Have your child practice writing French in a variety of different formats: greeting cards, grocery lists, notes, diary entries etc...
  • Have your child listen to French CDs/music.
  • Have your child read French newspapers/magazines.