CVC, CCVC, CVCC & Sight Words Questions

In this set of eBooks young readers are presented with questions they can answer by looking at the picture – a fun way for them to test their reading and vocabulary skills. Beginning readers are asked a series of questions with pictures to help them understand the questions and respond correctly; they can test their response by turning the page and seeing the correct answer. Their vocabulary skills are tested in a fun way, and children are engrossed in a game-like approach to learning. testing their vocabulary and reading comprehension. Young readers can click on the question to hear it asked out loud, or on each individual word to hear it alone. The eBooks are also printable, and can be viewed as both flip books and flashcards.

Word List for CVC, CCVC, CVCC & Sight Words Emergent Readers: CVC, CCVC, CVCC & Sight Words

Am I? - Yes/No
Am I?

Am I? - Yes/No

CVC, CCVC & CVCC Words: long, pink, red, fast, thin, fat, snug

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Am I a? - Yes/No
Am I a?

CVC Words: ram, cub, yak

CCVC Words: stag         

CVCC Words: mink, moth             

Are you? - Yes/No
Are you?

CVC Words: mad, sad

CCVC Words: glad, glam, glum  

CVCC Words: sick                  

Can I? - Yes/No
Can I?

CVCC Words: jump, honk, kick, peck, hang


Can it? - Yes/No
Can it?

CVC Words: pop

CCVC Words: trap

CVCC Words: lock, melt, ring     


Can they? - Yes/No
Can they?

CVC Words: wag, sit, jog             

CCVC Words: swim

CVCC Words: sing         

Do you like? - Yes or no?
Do you like?

CVC Words: jam, ham   

CVCC Words: milk, mint, fish        


Do you like to? - Yes or no?
Do you like to?

CVC Words: run, box

CCVC Words: skip

CVCC Words: sing, yell                

Here is a/Is it? - Yes/No
Here is a/Is it?

CVC Words: red, pin

CCVC Words: pram, thin              

CVCC Words: doll, soft, pink 

I see/Are they? - Yes/No
I see/Are they?

CVC Words: red, six, big, ten, fat

Plural CVC Words: pigs, dogs, cats

CCVC & CVCC Words: thin, pink

Is he a?/Is she a? - Yes/No
Is he a?/Is she a?

CVC Words: cop, tot, kid

CCVC Words: prof, twin, thug     

CVCC Words: king

Is it? - Yes/No
Is it?

CVC Words: hot

CCVC Words: flat

CVCC Words: damp, bent, soft     

Is it a? - Yes/No
It is a?

CVC Words: bat, net

CVCC Words: mitt, puck, mask     

Is it in the?/Is it on the?
Is it in the?/Is it on the?


CCVC Words: shop, frog

CVCC Words: tack, desk, rock, sand, doll, dock           

Is that a?/Is this a?
Is that a?/Is this a?


CCVC Words: shed

CVCC Words: mill, well, pond, hill       

Is this my? - Yes/No
Is this my?


CVC Words: fin

CCVC Words: scut

CVCC Words: tusk, fang, wing, hump

What am I ?
What I amI?

CVC Words: red, bug, cat, wet, fat

CCVC Words: glum, frog

CVCC Words: duck, long, fish

What are we?
What are we?

Plural CVC Words: rats, pups, bats, hens, cubs

What is it?
What is it?

CVC Words: cog

CCVC Words: slat

CVCC Words: ramp, pick, link, rung  

What is that?
What is that?

CVC Words: hut

CCVC Words: twig

CVCC Words: path, tent, pest        

What is this?
What is this?

CVC Words: lip, leg

CCVC Words: chin

CVCC Words: neck, hand             

Who are you?
Who are you?

CVC Words: Peg, Zac

CCVC Words: Greg

CVCC Words: Jack, Ross, Joss     

Who is he?/Who is she?
Who is she?

CVC Words: dad, mom, dog

CCVC Words: gran

CVCC Words: fish                           

Who is this?
Who is this?

CVC Words: Jax

CCVC Words: Brin

CVCC Words: Josh, Cass, Bill