Our CVCC Emergent Readers are the fifth set in our series of eBooks for children; here young readers are introduced to consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant word patterns. Beginning readers learn how to read four letter words ending with two consonants, promoting their reading progress by offering them additional vocabulary in new word structures. Our eBooks display a CVCC (consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant) word on each page with an audio button, and a picture of the word faces this page. This is the ideal language learning platform because young readers can sound out the word while looking at the picture, engaging their visual, audio, and phonic learning skills. Young readers practice their reading and learn new words and concepts in this reading framework. The Emergent Readers collection of eBooks continue to be printable and viewable as flip books or flashcards, allowing new readers to learn how to read in multiple ways.


 CVCC Emergent Readers

The CVCC Emergent Readers collection includes the following eBooks:

  • Short 'A' - ack, amp, and, ang, ank, ash, ast, ath & mixes
  • Short 'E' - eck, ell, end, ent, est & mixes
  • Short 'I' - ick, ill, ing, ink, ish & mixes
  • Short 'O' - ock, ong, oss & mixes
  • Short 'U' - uck, ump, ung, unk, ush, usk, ust & mixes
  • Random Mixes
  • Themed Mixes
  • 2 Words - Individual words in these eBooks can be clicked on to hear sound.

EBooks can be viewed on computers, smartphones, iPads or any other device, making them suitable for both personal and school use! The readers in this collection can also be printed.

Click below to view available titles in the CVCC Emergent Readers collection: